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Eggs on tap

I've been a bit slow off the mark in 2020. I usually like to post something in the new year, but this time round I feel different, like breaking the mould or the routine or whatever else comes to mind when I hang up the new calendar in the kitchen. The end of the year finished differently for me and so it seems like I should start a new one like that. Maybe I just couldn't be arsed. Well, whatever, I have an excuse anyway.

Not that I really need one, but I guess I try to find one to get me here. With all the passion in the world you may have for something, for all the natural talent you were born with, sometimes you need to be pushed to do something that you like doing so much. Sport has been an important part of my life and will always be like that, but there are times when I really need to push myself and get my arse moving to the hockey pitch or the gym. That extra effort takes me over the line and I often thank myself for helping me do the things that I really want to do,…

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