The four virtues

Last night was really cold in Bologna, and last night I went to a cool loft appartment party. As winter takes hold, this kind of Saturday night brought back the fond memories of Bologna weekends in the bitterly cold winter of 2005 and those Saturday nights braving the chill and going out.

It was a good party, one of many, but there was one moment that made it a little special. It was while I got on to the subject of talking about my favourite book with somebody (strange, in the middle of all the music and alcohol..) - seeing as it is in Italian by an Italian author; Gli Spiriti non dimenticano, by Vittorio Zucconi, which talks about the life of Crazy Horse and the Lakota Sioux Indians.

The person said to me, "Oh yeah, about the four virtues and stuff." And that's what made it a little special...somebody who, without having any profound knowledge of the American Indian story or even reading this book, knew about the four American Indian virtues; courage, strength of character, generosity and wisdom.

It isn't just about following their culture or any culture for that matter. I was just that it reinforced that some things the Indians left behind have remained in time and can be related and belong to any walk of life. Of how we can learn from so many different people.

It just made me smile this week.


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