Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks. Sorry, but that's the best word right now to describe the week gone, a pretty shit week. Even the mood was reflected in the constant English-style grey and drizzle that threw it's cover over us.

That was until I was driving in my car and a song breezed on to the stereo and, well...just changed things.

“Walking on air” is the first song from an Estonian singer-songwriter called Kerli. With a Bjork sound about her (infact she says that Bjork is her only real musical influence) it was both melodic and meloncholic, groovy yet etched with a dark feel. It was strangely lifting.

The very next day I saw the video on MTV. A young, beautiful, platinum blonde with a Scandinavian look about her graced the TV screen and walked on air. The song was great, she was beautiful...hell, she was a fresh gust of wind to blow away the looming grey drizzle.

Curiosity kicked in and so I went and looked on her web site. Along with the usual kind of pages you would find on a singer's web site, there was her blog. This was the most pleasantly surprising thing about it and her. The song was inspiring in itself, her blog likewise, and more. There was so much vision. I'll let you check out the link yourself: the 'How are you?' entry - so true are her words. And then the entry 'Read the aura/developing auric sight' (both from 14/11/08) was quite simply inspiring.

Oh, and check out the photos guys... :-P


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