Blessed but cursed

To be free to move around, live in different places, see different cultures and ways of living, to never get too attached; never having the welcome and comfort of a fixed abode, nothing to call your own.

To live in a place where the sun beats down 365 days of the year, to not have to ever don a heavy coat or scarf; not seeing the variation of a cold day, to see the rain beat down or even being able to feel the sensation of the crunch of gleaming white snow underfoot.

To not have anyone to look after or take in to consideration, nobody to be responsible for; not have the love of a family. Single to please yourself who you date with and when and as many times as you want; no love of a person to go back to every night.

To be a jack of all trades; a master of none.

To work as a freelance, to be free to work for who you want, when you want, as much as you want; to not have the guarantee of a regular income.

To be a versatile player and never be left on the bench, always playing thanks to the various positions you can cover; to never have a fixed position to concentrate on and make yours and excel at it, always having to work harder on all positions.

To be content with all the things you have or have accomplished; to never be able to satisfied.

To have complete certainty and comfort; to have nothing or any uncertainty to keep you on your toes.

Blessed but cursed.


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