3 Lions

I am pretty discreetly travelled in my so far short life. And I just know there is so much more to come too. I lived in Tenerife. I have lived for much longer in Italy. I speak languages. Parlo Italiano. Hablo Espanol. Je comprends Francais aussi.

But I am British. English.

I don't even feel physically at home when I come 'home' now. I consider myself internationally minded. I absorb cultures, I can blend in. I need the sun but I need the snow too. I need it to be hot (in the summer). I need a downpour and a good dose of the rain I grew up with.

I am home when I am abroad but I am English. British.

And never do I feel it more so than I did this week watching England play in both the rugby and then the football. Every time I watch both of them a deep sense of pride and belonging fills me to the brim when God save the Queen is played. The chest bulges and bulldog in me comes out to chew his big bone. Three lions are emblazened on my chest.

But in the words of an Italian - a very intelligent, respected and respectful man who has quickly learned the English language and what it means to be English - England football manager, Fabio Capello: "Non sono solo tre leoni sul petto, ma nel cuore". It is not just three lions on your chest, but in your heart.

P.S I know I usually write on Sunday but I will be busy drinking or nursing a hangover...and I also wanted to tempt fate and write on Friday 13th.... ;-)


Anonymous said…
Given the deep and meaningful nature of that post I feel that I should make a deep and meaningful comment. However, I am shallow and harsh so instead I'll just say:
1) your English is getting worse!!
2) for all the Bulldog in you that was very very tarty!!
Now sod off. And if we ever meet again it will be fifty billion years too soon (see Blackadder 3)
Thank you. (I think I'm posting this as anonymous but you KNOW who this is!!)

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