Walking in the snow

Snow this week has caused disruption on the roads, created treacherous conditions. Just like the sea can reak disaster when not respected. Just like the sea there is something magical about the snow. It's not just the sun that can raise your mood.

When the sky is blue and clear and the sun beams down on the reflective white carpet, it is sublime. But also when the sky is grey. Because with the snow it is no longer dull - the grey can shine too. Not a overwhelming grey blanket but a captivating colour of pearl. Like the clouds really do have a silver lining woven in them.

When the flakes fall in all their forms. How they gently drift in the air currents. Delightful to watch as they caress their way down unlike the plummeting rain. Catching the flakes on your tongue. Making snow angels. Sledging. All these things we do with the snow; how we brave the cold to do it. We have no qualms when we come home soaking and numb, we are satisfied instead. Not like when it rains and your body trudges home supressed by it.

All this and the crisp air filling your lungs as you scrunch underfoot. So I got off the bus two stops early to walk in the snow.


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