It has been a few weeks since I wrote anything. And yet there have been things going on in my mind. But nothing has come out on to paper. So I had to look back at my very first entries here back in September last year; to sort of...well, remind myself. Of why I write here. Of the mind's journey.

It was then that I thought about my journey through March. My mind hasn't allowed to me to stop and write, so hence the absence. Or that's my excuse anyway. But it made me realise that we move along always looking for something better or new or just different, something that stands out. I remember as a kid driving through Scotland with my parents, on holiday. I was fighting in the back of the car with my brother when my dad was trying to concentrate on the road.

"Right," he said. "That's enough! I'll give a pound to the first one who sees a haggis.." Well, you have never seen two kids go quiet and fix out the window on the countryside around us... :-D While we were looking for something in particular, my dad just wanted to take in the journey and drive calmly and enjoy it. If there was such an animal as a haggis running around the Scottish highlands it would have been a bonus!

So we drive along our motorway of life looking out for so many things, maybe looking too hard, when sometimes you find some really good things in life that you weren't even looking or striving for. Enjoy the ride.

And my dad did use the same haggis thing on my youngest brother years later...


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