A successful Christmas

At this time of year we greet each other and say Merry Christmas. For most people 'merry' in more ways than one... :-) It is the season of goodwill. It just seems a shame that it takes Christmas to come round every year for us to be nicer and be willing to be good. They say Christmas is for kids - be good or Santa Claus won't bring you any presents, so the kids are brimming with good behaviour. maybe the same threats chould be made to adults.

Did you have a good Christmas? Did you get lots of nice presents? Both questions can be asked to kids and adults alike. A kid's reply will always be a good one - as an adult it is our job to make Christmas the best we can for kids, the day means so much to them. An adult's reply will vary, especially the more adult we become with the passing years. Good, bad, the usual.

Well my reply this year would be that I can call this year a successful Christmas. It got off to a great start with the snow; for the first time in years we had a real White Christmas. I could have taken a photo of the lit up and decorated tree, of outside and of all the presents for my nephews and got it printed to make a classic christmas card. Christmas lunch was delicious and I made it all the way through to the very last scoop of Christmas pudding and brandy sauce - I successfully beat what my stomach was telling me: that there was no more room, but I never give up where Xmas pud is concerned. Turkey Sandwiches and Turkey curry have since followed.

my brother has just got Sky, so the I have indulged more in the movie channles more than the Roses or the quality Street chocolate this year. I watched The Great Escape. Again (how can you ever not get bored of that film?). And to make it an all round success, I didn't get any Homer Simpson socks for the umpteenth year running or any Beast aftershave/splash-on :-D However how can Christmas not be a success for any man without at least one Lynx shower gel and anti-perspirant set? (the board of directors in that company must be very happy each Christmas period with boosted sales).

Oh, and of course, with the snow, I made a cool snowman as you can see in the photo. I had to go to the shop and purposely buy some carrots that day, but it was worth it as I fixed on the nose like a cherry on a cake. The hat was a fashion accessory - one of the dog's bowls was perfect. And the pair of them didn't even go and pee on it. Success.


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