'Cos I get a kick outta you

They say creativity is the opposite of routine. That's open to debate. But can you be routinely creative?

I would like to think so, that is what I try to do each week and each time I sit down to write - not just here but in anything I write. I often wonder how someone like award-winning French designer Philippe Starck gets up and goes to work in his Parisian office each day and constantly produces pure innovation in every product he has designed. I would love to know. Staying out of routine I don't really find that difficult. Yet for me it isn't so easy to come up with something here each week, to be constantly inspired. I find that looking for inspiration can get counter productive. Sometimes I just have to sit back and let it come.

That is what has happened this week. There have been a few moments where it walked right up to me and shook my hand. I have scribbled random words all week in my notebook. I told you how much I love words. How much I can get from them. But moreso it has been more to do with people than words or things.

My chosen medium is words and putting them together on a crisp white page. I may litter it with my efforts but whatever the written collective is, I have created something. Some people draw, some people take photos. Other people paint or design. There are dancers and choreographers, or both. There are actors or directors of movies, or both. Musicians in bands and orchestras with their creative instrumental weapons of choice. Music producers that know how to flick the right switches in a studio to get that right sound.

Some people are so talented they can do more than one. They are not only creative, they are downright gifted.

But I'm not just talking about the 'arts'. Every day people can go to work and do the same. When people are encouraged to be creative about finding ways to solve work problems, they tend to become energised. I know I do. Solutions can be surprising.

Whether you're a writer, an artist, musician, a movie maker or actor, or just getting up to go to work every day, turn on a light. Be creative. Because I get a kick outta you. I really do.

And while we're there with the Chairman of the board and one of his songs, I can sing with him "I get no kick from Champagne...", I have to agree. If I drink one thing all night I'm fine, if I mix alcholic drinks I get the worst hangover. Apart from with Champagne, I get a hangover on only that stuff anyway. I maybe didn't have to write that but while we're just getting over the Christmas celebrations, and while I'm swinging and getting a kick outta things I thought it was quite topical. Well, I did tell you I litter a nice white page with my words.


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