Mind Architecture

So out of the noughties we come and in to the Teenies (is that what they're gonna be called..?), a new decade is upon us. And so is the snow. Disruption all over a blanketed white and icy Europe has not got the new year off to a good start, apart for the kids of course, who have ended up extending their Christmas holidays as schools remain closed. Plenty more snowmen have popped up all over the place and the sledge runs and hills are overrun instead.

Last new year I wrote about going back to basics (Back to Basics, 1/1/09); about going back and starting again, throwing out excess and building up solid foundations. Well, one year on I look at what I've accomplished, at what I've constructed from those foundations. To be honest, materially not much more.

But that was the problem. I was looking at things from a materialistic point of view. For me it's not about getting the bigger house or the better car. Material things. Instead this last year I think I have constructed so much more. About me. I have fortified myself. I have done things and met people that are important to me and have contributed to my fort. Instead of writing down plans in pencil, I have confirmed them in ink. They are still plans, but I know I have the power to build them and bring those plans to life. I am my own architect; my mind studies architecture. My mind can construct anything.

I consider myself quite lucky in life because I know what I want and how to go and get it. I know what is important to me, where and, moreso, who is important to me. This last year has been a confirmation plan, like I have taken my plans along to the town planner for my new build, and they have been approved.

I know I can be stubborn. But for once I know I was right to stick to my guns. To continue to drive down my motorway, to not be tempted to come of it and take a slip road, looking for a short cut or a sniff of another way. My SatNav is set.

Like the kids off school and the parents who take them sledging, we have to make the best of our conditions and get on with it. However let's just hope no more heavy snow falls to block the motorways again, or at least my motorway. I better put some grit in my pockets.
Happy New Year to you all.


Anonymous said…
The only way is up ha ha!!!

Your posts are so much more interesting and thought provoking than mine!

Here's to a successful 2010 for the both of us xxxx

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