"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads..."

Cliche scenario: How time flies. My second Blogging Birthday is coming up in two days. I am two. Where's my big red badge with it written on? (I loved getting them on my birthday cards as a kid).

So what do I write? Erm, hmmm...well, not sure, let me think, maybe, if I just, well, keep doing this, I should manage to fill the page.

Actually I was more interested in trying to find a suitable photo to put here. I spent more time on that than this post really. I couldn't be arsed with the balloons, cakes and candles photos that just look so, er, well, not sure actually, can't think of the right word.

So I just got a brainwave, and instead of searching GOOGLE I put up a photos of GOGGLES. (Readers: You call that a brainwave? What the hell are you doing here in this photo?)

Well kids, let me tell you a story... It was this summer while staying with one of my best friends. In his father-in-law's van we borrowed to move something, I found his welding goggles and thought it hilarious to put them on and look at people while driving down the motorway (yes, ok, actually this shouldn't just be a 2nd blogging birthday, but actually my own mental age birthday..hey, what can I say, I keep myself entertained...besides, my friend double-dared me to do it and he's the same age as me so there..hmph..).

They actually remind me of the end scene in Back to the Future 2 where Doc comes back in the DeLorean and looks in the bins for garbage to use as fuel...then, when Marty says there won't be enough road to get up to 88mph, hit 1.21gigawatts of electricity and go back to the future, Doc replies, lowering his goggles from his forehead to cover his eyes: "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads..."

So Back to the Future 2 coincides with Birthday Blog 2. This post goes to show that life really is a journey (albeit we use Diesel/Petrol fuel and not banana peels and leftovers, and still keep our wheels on the road). It's a road trip, we journey down our motorways. And I have done a few road trips over the years with my best friends (takes me back to my first blog: Motorways of my Mind; http://www.blogger.com/2008/09/motorways-of-my-mind.html ).

There you go, it's all relevant you see, I'm not mentally impaired, hey I'm a genius :-)

So this is my Goggly Blogging Birthday, or is it a Googly Boggly Birthday? Or a Goggle Bloggle Birthday? Haha, I crack myself up.

P.S. The goggles would look great with a big red "I am 2" badge.


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