Peace of mind

Life. It's a funny old game. You could call Scooby Doo and his pals to come in the Mystery Machine to fathom it out. What do we do with it? What do we want from it? Ha, you could make a bloody long list, right? Well, I'm not going to list things here, I'll be doing it until next Sunday and I have to go to work for five days inbetween. Hmm, actually, thinking about it, would work be on that list..?

All I know is that we can boil it down to just two things. One thing everyone wants, and one things nobody wants.

There is not one person out of the six billion-plus on this planet that does not want to be happy. Happiness is our ultimate goal. And there is not one person either who wants to be lonely. Being on your own is different, but loneliness is not a wanted item.

So we plough through the field of life in search of happiness. We may not find it 100% but might just settle for being content. We might settle for being on our own. We can become rich in so many ways, not just with money. But without peace of mind what have we got? How do we go forward without it? Maybe not so smoothly is my guess. We have enought shit to deal with every day, we don't need a monkey on our backs flinging it at us too.

I read once that we have to make peace with the past so it won't spoil you present. I know that is one of my life's challenges, my work in process. But life is work in process anyway. Things change, it is inevitable. Move forward.

When I wake up every day, I like to lay in my bed for 5 minutes in silence, to just take it all in, whatever that is (actually, sometimes it's because I am actually in a coma in a morning...) I don't take myself to seriously, I know that nobody else does. I try to learn a new word everyday. I have peace of mind in these things.

So get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful. Don't compare your life to others - you have no idea what their journey is about. Use your imagination every day. In Einstein's words: "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."


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