Do it everyday.

Talk. Listen. Converse. Learn. Learn more, and even more. Watch films. Read; Newspapers, books, internet, magazines, dictionaries, maps. Look. Observe. Think. Stimulate your mind.

Run, walk, run, walk. Jog in between. Sprint. Stretch. Play. Lift, stack push and pull weights. Grow or tone your muscles. Feel the burn. Embrace it. Breather deeply and slowly. Feel your heart beat. Feel stronger. Then refuel, eat good food. Stimulate your body.

Are you refuelled? Then give some more. Give some pleasure, get some back. Kiss, touch, lick, tease. Stroke. Grope. Be delicate. Be firm. Hold. Don't let go. Whisper sweet things, dirty things. Stimulate all his/her zones; you know which ones....If you don't, take time to find them.

Love. Be passionate, in everything in life. To the full. Dig deep. Don't give up. Search. Find. Keep looking some more. Discover. Learn. Meet people. Stimulate your soul.

Do it every day. Stimulate. Stimulate. Stimulate.


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