If I am ever asked why I write, I think I can answer that pretty easily and immediatly without having to put much thought to the question. I like the written word. I like to read therefore I write. For me reading is the yang to the ying of reading. As a kid I loved Jackanory on children's TV and it's famous guest readers who would encaptulate me like so many other kids. I have always wanted to tell stories like that. Right here I'm just telling my story. Well, telling you my mind's story that is.

But there is one other reason. I suppose it's to make up for how sometimes it can be a struggle to say by mouth what I feel or really want to say. There are times when I want to tell the people who are special to me just that. Not for the sake of it but because these people need to hear these things now and again. I'm better in combat with a pen as my weapon of choice.

People who became special to me for one reason or another enter me and never leave, they just won't get out, and sometimes I make sure they don't. They are embedded there. Amen. Like ol' blue eyes sang "I've got you under my skin, I've got you deep in the heart of me..." And I have some very good blue-eyed friends too.

Reading this back, just maybe here can be a struggle too. Maybe I can't even write the right words. But then again, if it was that easy, would it really be worth saying? Would it still ring true?

Play it again Frank ;-)


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