The footballer who can dribble, step-over, shoot, tackle pass an visudalise.

The player who can roll,dribble, dummy and dunk in Basketball.

The hockey player who can dazzle and bamboozle with his stick work, hit hard, scoop balls on to a sixpence and flick in the corners. On the ice who can gracefully do all the same things.

The gymnast who can bend in all positons, can curve, turn, flip, swing and turn, with a ball, with a stick, with a ribbon, on a bar, beam or rings.

The athlete who runs, runs, jumps, sprints, walks, throws, hurls, to get bigger, stronger, faster, further, building endurance to become the fastest or the best.

The player who can hit, take the hits and get up again and again. Dummy, run, catch and kick in Rugby.

Nike says just do it. Adidas is all in. I am both.

Thank you all. Thanks for making us dream, making me keep on dreaming and making me write.


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