Realisation of belonging

I just came back yesterday from a journey - the pack your bag, get on a plane type incase you were wondering ;-) When I go on journeys like this, the journeys in my mind are also more frequent. New or different sights and sounds. Crossing paths with so many different people. It can only but give food for thought, airports are melting pots of inspiration.

I realise those moments when I have a big grin on my face. Like this time around when i was sat on the shore of the sea of Galilee following an after-dinner dip and watching the sunset droop behind the higher lands of the Golan Heights where we had just come from. Like also when I ate a bread-roll thing made with dates and honey. Maybe the street-stall seller in the old city of Jerusalem realised it too when I grinned my way back to him to buy a nother one just five minutes later.

But there are two other things I realise every time I travel. Firstly, I realise that there is always a road, and always something to see and discover (as we go down it). There is always a road there and there is always a road out, of everything. No matter what. Before driving out of the higher lands down to the Sea of Galilee we were sat around a table layered with hummus and dips and bread (again) and we were talking about travelling. My friend said something very true: travelling is like the closest thing to childhood discovery - the novelty, the excitement, the sheer fun of it all.

Secondly, there is a saying that 'ignorance is bliss'. What absolute bollocks. The person who first let fly from their mouth with this should have been shot at dawn. When I travel I realise that you can't be ignorant. There is so much to lose by doing so.

Let me live in your world, let me see with your eyes. Let me try to understand. That way I can keep journeying and stay in this world. Here, there, everywhere.

That last morning there, as the sun started coming up through the huge glass panels of the Tel Aviv airport terminal, before solemnly going to board the flight back 'home', I passed under a sign that read: "Those whose journey never ends, belong."

And I then realised even more.


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