The art of discovery

As I moved in to my thirties I noticed a change in me. I started to take an interest in design. I had always known there was a creative edge in me, but never until a few years ago did I think that it would wander in to the world of design.

I think it was as I started working in fashion. I have always liked nice clothes, but since working with them I have discovered how I appreciate the details. I appreciate a nice shirt and an impeccable tailored suit. Tom Ford has an eye for detail and me an eye for one of his suits. I like nice lines.

And that is maybe why I like things linear. Architectural design moved in on me. One day I want to build my own house and I have so many ideas of how I want it, how I want it to elvolve around me. I want it minimal and linear. I want my Barcelona chair in the middle of a room with just a bookcase on one wall and a whole facade of glass to look out of because I like the lines of it all.

I realise that in my 20s how I just ate, now in my 30s I taste. I realise I need to find new things in life, or at least discover things that already have existed for a long time. Things that inspire me; music, books, designer furniture, buildings, new friends from new places. I'm a fan of many things artistic or creative, I keep an open open mind on many things. I think this is important; so important that I wrote it on my CV. In this day and age and the changing job market, maybe those two words are some of the most important ones written on there next to work experience.

I like to travel, well, most people do.. But I do so with an open mind and a willingness to experiment. Well, most things, sometimes I draw a line; human nature stamps its hold on me. I have taken risks in life, it would not be living without doing so, merely existing. It can be fascinating and rewarding, and always worth while. Like a doctor slings a stethoscope around his neck, take with you your tool - your fork in life. A fork to use to dig in by all means, but learn to taste. Let life linger on your tongue.

"The art of discovery is not to visit new lands, but to see existing ones with different eyes."
- Marcel Proust


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