Words flow with water

It has been raining.

The rain impels me to write, more than the sun. It's strange, I moved away from my native rainy country to live in a mediterranean climate, in the sun. Yet it is the rain which makes me sit here and write as I do. You would think it would be the radiator ball of fire in the sky would warm my writing buds and flower on to this page, words blooming like petals.

I think it is possibly the sound of water. Dripping, beating down on the tarmac outside and on the windows while I gaze out all warm and dry from inside. Maybe it's that contrast that I like. In Italy I used to love sitting on my balcony on summer nights with the hot climate and the cooling contrast of water darting down from the dark sky. The rain is almost therapeutic in these moments. Like a massage for your mind, or chill-out music for your soul, or a hot bath for your body. Oh, so the bath thing involves water again.

Then again, it may be more than that. What about the water itself? I live by the sea, I did so for so many years in Italy. Yet I can barely swim. The contrast. Is it what represents? That is to say, life.

It rains; plants and trees grow. It rains and we can drink; we live and grow. Life owes itself to water. If you go to Seville - the hottest city in Europe - you can't help noticing fountains everywhere. Big ones too - next to La Giralda, in the Plaza España. Then also in El Real Alcázar there are small ones in many rooms. All from the arabic influence of hundreds of years gone by. Agua = Vida.

This is the power that it holds over us. It is the strength of water that gives us that very life. It can't be broken, wounded or killed. It renews itself every time it falls from the sky. It can adapt itself around obstacles on it's route through its journey to its objective - the sea, where its power multiplies in to a waving mass. It commands respect, it can unleash its wrath like Japan saw too well earlier this year, and Thailand and Indonesia only a few years before. It earns our respect, we drink it, wash in it, play and work in it. The question is, they say money makes the world go around but do we conciously respect it more than water?

Like the water we push on. And hopefully we will find our objective. We too have obstacles to overcome, often with less ease than water, but don't forget the beauty of the flow on the way.


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