New Years' beats, basslines and harmonies and one big ride

Let's go around again...carousel, carousel. Maybe that's just what a year is like. 365 round-and-around we goes. One big ride. Actually, a roller coaster is a more accurate kind of ride to describe our lives.

And here we are for another run around the block. Well, not so much running yet with the dregs of a hangover still hanging on. There are plenty of dregs in empty bottles of Stella Artois on the kitchen top in my mate's house right now too...

So, like every year I'm not gonna make any resolutions and will treat it just like I have the last. I will keep on keeping on. Always looking to progress, develop and improve. Keep on moving forward, challenging and questioning myself. I will carry on in my way, a sometimes almost stubborn yet convinced way, but a way that is built on merit and credit.

As the tunes play in the background as I write this - as they have all the Christmas holiday back in England - and stating how I don't make New Years' resolutions and will carry on as I always have, I will however, just maybe, sell my soul to a big beat, a funky bassline and a sweet harmony all together. But it has to be all-for-one and one-for-all to do that.

Around and around and away we go.


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