Relate to Random

A random day, a random shop. In it I found a dreamcatcher. In the midst of other bits and bobs and things to fill your house it hung there with a couple of others. I already have one but it is still packed up in a box in storage in Italy since I moved to Spain. The one I saw was exactly like it; sinewy strands wrapped around a brown willow hoop like a spider's web, ornated with beads and hanging on slight leathery straps were soft, eagle feathers.

It's one of those things that on my next trip back to Italy I would have picked up along with my favourite book Gli Spiriti non Dimenticano (Spirits never forget) by an Italian author called Vittorio Zucconi, available only in Italian. I stress that because its not my mother tongue, but I doubt whether I would want to read it translated in English, I fear it might ruin the narration of this Italian writer who with this book changed a few things in me. They are just two things personal to me and I like to have them with me.

The book is about the Sioux Indians and the story of Crazy Horse. That's what got me to the dreamcatcher. I admire what Crazy Horse represented and how he fought for his people and I love what the dreamcatcher represents to the Native Indians, the way it hangs above your bed - and as the Sioux Indians believe - changes your dreams. Only good dreams would be filtered through the web in the hoop, sliding down the feathers to the sleeper. The bad dreams would be caught in the web and be evaporated by the morning sun as it rises at the start of the day.

And yes, I sleep with it hung on the wall over my bed just like my bed in Italy. I like how it softens the whiteness of the walls, but not breaking the crispness of them that I like so much too. What I don't like is when I see them hanging from the rear view mirror of a car like I have seen a couple of times. I don't like that mis-representation, it mildly annoys me. I also don't like these new-agers who get them and not know their use, and how they are over-commercialised.

I need to tell you that its not just about the actual dreamcatcher the reason for writing here today. It's to do with the first word I wrote. Random.

I love random. I have a photo album in facebook called randomness, where I have taken photos in random moments in the most random places and situations. I like it when things like that just, well...happen. The dreamcatcher just turned up, I wasn't looking for it. My two longest and most important relationships were with girlfriends who just happened to walk in to my life, I wasn't looking for love. I moved to Italy for just a year and ended up staying for many more, I didn't plan it.

I relate to random and I believe that good things will come if life deems so. I go with the flow. I let the road drive me, though I need to know how to handle the car on it.

And for the record, my dreams are weird. They are irrelevant mix of people, places and situations in them, and just random really. I sometimes lay in bed in the morning when I wake and desperately try to remember what the hell was going on in my dreams. Maybe that's some thing I do with my mind every time I write here. Maybe the dreamcatcher can help me.


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