The belated, stereotypical April rain is lashing down today and I have no intention to move from my pad walls. As much as I like sitting in the sun with friends, now and again I like these dull days; I have plenty to entertain myself with within the confines of my appartment. I can never get bored, there is always something to do, I can't remember the last time I was bored.

This afternoon as I lounged around thinking of what I would prefer to get on with, I actually ended up just surfing youtube. The surfing got to my wikipedia levels where one click leads to another once you scan down the right-hand menu and in actual fact I never really got round to doing anything I had in my mind's list to do. Instead as I was watching/listening to a Professor Kliq tune, I ended up doodling what is in the above photo. I don't know why I did this. The pen was there on the coffee table along with the piece of paper. My only explanation is that I like lines, something you may already know from what I've written before (Between the lines) and that I also cannot leave a piece of paper blank like that; I have a weird need to fill it in (white walls, white pages) that maybe Banksy can associate with.

As much as I was chilled and going nowhere today, my mind is never like that. Those moments I can actually sit there with nothing in my mind, I savour. Like those silent moments when someone asks me "What are you thinking?" and I can reply with a smile, "Nothing". I nearly got there until I started looking at what I had just doodled.

I tuned in to my subconcious scribble and how they overlapped. The lines became boxes, overimposing each other, the smaller ones not getting outdone by the bigger ones. They blend and cross over each others' boundaries, yet each box can still distinguish itself and not get lost. Each one takes its place on the page. And now I have just wandered off the page and can see lines and boxes within the few pieces of my living room furniture and shadows of light.

This doodle became our world. There are boundaries and borders yet so many people cross over and create new ones. Boxes within boxes. We keep joining them on. Think of all the ones we could still create and interlink. I could have filled this piece of paper to its edges, I could have continued, drawing boxes within boxes. I could have even coloured them in. Whatever which way, we are born to go forth. We need to be ourselves but we have to be open to the blend, to not cut ourselves off from the other boxes.

You may also see a bunch of grapes in the photo... I have a strange tendency to also doodle bunches of grapes...


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