Yang to the Ying

There is that saying that people are always looking for the other half of the orange. The other one that makes them complete or at least compliments them. Is this really their half? I mean, the other half of them? I don't think so. The other one that they are looking for is an apple, or a peach or even a tangerine if you want to keep it on the fruity side of life.

What I mean is, what is the other half of the orange? Well, I'm no Einstein, but this time round I will treat you with my immense wisdom give you my opinion. The other half is you. It is, and always will be, the other half of you. People go looking for other things and people before they can complete themselves. They need to be a full orange.

Find the yang to your ying. You need to be a full symbol before you can really mean anything to yourself.

Try the starter but always finish the main course and get its full goodness before you order a dessert. The nibble before or the sweetness after alone will not fulfil you.

Play checkers or draughts on the black squares but also on the white ones. Who said you only have to stick to one colour when the board perfectly has two? You are only using half the board.

I recently read an interview with a  talented musician from the band Walk off the Earth who plays a myriad of instruments; he first learned to play the drums, he thinks all bands should have all members being able to play the drums to get the real feel. Find the rhythm before you learn another musical instrument (or attempt to dance).

Yes, go the gym and get fit and in shape. But find the right technique and get the lift right with light weights before you lift the big boys' dumbells. You'll never really see the gains otherwise, you'll only be kidding yourself.

I have played a team sport for years. I learned to pass the ball before I learned to dribble it. Not just for yourself, but for your team mates, they need it as much as you do. By completing your own skill you compliment others.

All this because you deserve it. You owe it to yourself. Without it you can not make other people better or happy. Once you can do this, then move forward. Brick by brick, step by step. Oh, and as you venture out don't forget to put on underwear. Like I said, all of this is just my opinion.


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