Woah, hang on a minute, when did that suddenly come up?

The big birthdays usually have big parties. the coming of age at 18, the coming of 'man'hood at 21. Then the big 3-Oh, 4-0h, and the Hawaii 5-Oh. They are written in bold and signposted along our motorway of life and celebrated if the journey has the minimum of planning and so we come off the slip road, they pass by if we decide to keep on driving and ignore them.

Yet for me one big birthday that almost slipped me by, the one I didn't see the road signs saying it was coming up was my blogging birthday. And a big one at that you could say, I suddenly thought to myself, woah, hang on a minute, when did that suddenly come up?!. I have been on here for 5 years. Yep, 5 whole orbits around the sun and I'm still here running around this page.

5 years? Really? So I have been looking back at the posts I've done over these years. There are some I like, some I am proud of. Some I just love the way I find the words. Others I think to myself what the hell were you thinking of at the time, what are you drivelling on about? For 5 years I have smudged this beautifully crisp, lilywhite page with my literary palaver. I don't know whether to excuse myself sometimes or try to convince you of what I write about. Either way, I could have changed or edited anything I wrote at any time. But, I haven't. I have left those words as they are, I have been faithful to myself and my word. In the name of the father, the son and my literary drivel, Amen. Sunday became not a holy day for me but a writing day. Write now or forever hold my drivel.

Because that is what it is for me. Just like how I can't bear to see a smooth white untouched field of snow and have to make snow angels in it (http://andrewgranville.blogspot.com.es/2010/10/white-walls-white-pages.html), I feel the need to litter this page and any other one for that matter, with words or doodles, or like every post, with a photo. I aim to provoke, I aim to stimulate (http://andrewgranville.blogspot.com.es/2011/01/stimulate.html). I also aim for you to (re) read these links of previous posts :-) My facebook friends, I will provoke with some flashbacks too. I'm celebrating a birthday, it's a day of personal pleasure. My pleasure is words http://andrewgranville.blogspot.com.es/2009/12/there-are-two-main-reasons-why-i-write.html. Just like people they are everything in our world, in all shapes and sizes, order and appearance, spoken or written, they are cornerstones of our existence.

How I have found so many to write down I really don't know. I had no idea of what it would be like writing here 5 years down the line. I couldn't see that far, I still can't, will I still be here in another 5 years? The latin words carpe diem sound loud in my world of words. As long as I am inspired by this world we live in I hope to keep pestering you, I hope to entertain you in some literary form or another; I suppose it would be wrong to simply call this just a blog, it's just a kinda writing MySpace. I always did want to go on Jackanory as a kid.

Sometimes I feel like my mum's late-dog, Milo. Whenever he got excited about something he would go and eat from his bowl. Sometimes I get the same urge. Not to eat from a dog's bowl obviously (obviously...you understand, right?) but to write about something that I am passionate about. Passion for something in life is important I think (http://andrewgranville.blogspot.com.es/2008/10/passion.html). I'm littering this page once again, this time with links to previous posts, I can't help myself, I have word munchies, constantly.

Should I keep on writing here? I feel the urge to keep tapping on the keyboard, but I don't know where else to do it right now. I have ideas and things I want to write but maybe I feel a little overwhelmed just realising that I have wrote 5 years and 151 posts worth of erm, like, well, stuff. Woah, 150 posts too.

These 5 years have also been a journey. A very important one for me. Well, actually it is for everyone (not that this blog-thingy is everyone's cup of tea) in the sense it is life - my life yes, but about the journey we go on in life, the network of roads we drive down, drivelled by myself  in many different forms of page abuse interpreted by me. We all drive on different roads in different cars, you are free to intepret it in the way you want, I like to just provoke thoughts too remember, c'mon, you can do a bit of work too seeing as you're here. I explain this on my comments page if you give a shit care.

To help, I need visual stimulation, hence a photo with every post. Yes, I have used this image before on my first blogging birthday (http://andrewgranville.blogspot.com.es/2009/09/happy-blogging-birthday-to-me.html), but I like it, it makes me chortle. And all the others I found to use were shit.


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