In Italy the number 17 is also seen as an unlucky number as 13 is to us. Many streets have houses without that number, restaurants' tables skip it. I personally have always liked to look fate in the eye and when playing hockey and my usual 'lucky' number 15 shirt is not available, I have always taken the number 13.

So as this day comes around again, 17 years on, I always have an extra question I would have asked my dad if he were still with us. I have other things I would write here, but, well...I just want to keep it short and sweet this year, I'll go with the Italian take on things; skip the 17 and and stick with my 15 and not really write anything more here, sometimes you can say too much and put too many words. I'll go back in time and leave you to join me on my number 15 piece from a couple of years ago right here: Mine and his fifteen


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