Voices with my mind; Guest Writer: Jonathan Gaglione

Ladies and gentleman, Mesdames et Messiers, Damen und Herren, following on from last week's post (Voices with my mind) of how my writing journey will have words of others, Penny For Your Thoughts Productions is now proud to present Voices with my mind, with my very first guest writer, my Anglo-Italian mate and musician, Jonathan Gaglione. These are his words, this is his voice:

Here we are, I finally got around to putting pen on paper and write for you Andrew. It did take a while to get round to it, I guess that apart from having been extremely lazy, I was also waiting for the "write" moment.

I'm writing this while traveling in a van from Calais to Petit Rechain as part of Bubblegum Screw's "Road to Belgium" tour, roadly appropriate for this blog I think. I have been dreaming about touring with a band all my life and finally it's all happening. It took a while to understand what it takes, but I think I have now figured it out: all it took was believing in myself.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like the lamest of cliches, but I guess what I mean by that is that by believing more in myself I have triggered a mechanism where people and things around me start to seem much more positive, making my goals look much more achievable, a "rule of attraction sort of thing". Try for yourself if you don't believe me.

So whatever your dream, whatever your age, wherever you are, please please please do not give up on your dreams. Do not let anybody trick you into thinking you can't do it, that is a lie, an illusion. You will already be contributing to making this world a better place: get your paintings out there, run that marathon you always thought you couldn't do, take those holidays that are accumulating and book that flight you always wanted to take, go and ask out that person you were always to shy to approach, go back to playing sport, take up a musical instrument.

Regardless of the outcome one day you'll find yourself reminiscing that moment like I did in this photo and knowing it was totally worth it.

Grazie Jonathan. Anyone else wanna join in the road trip?


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