LeTTer to SaNta

DeAr SaNta,

EvErY YeAr I wRiTe to yuo LiKe lOTs of chilDrEn tO TeLL yuo what PreSenTs I wOuLD LiKe. I aLwaYs TrY to bE a VeRy GooD boY aNd bE kInD to OtHeRs. BuT I kNoW yuo ArE ALwAys a GooD boY BeCos yOu and YuoR ReiNdEERs bRiNg pReSeNtS to LoTs of pEoPLe, EvEn GrOwN uPS.

My PaReNts ToLD mE yuo ArE SpEcIallY mAgIc BeCos wE dOnT hAvE a ChImNeY bUt mY dAd sAys yOu hAvE a mAgIc KeY tO gEt iN the DoOr. aNd sOmE cHiLdRen SaY yuo ArE NoT ReeL, bUt I kNoW tHat is nOt tRuE, bEcAuSe mY dAd sHoWeD mE yuo aTe sOmE oF tHe mInCe pIe wE lEfT oUt fOr yuo, eVen tHoUgH yuo sHoulD nOt wAsTe fooD BeCos lOtS oF pEoPlE dOnT hAvE eNoUgH fooD, bUt i kNow yuo mUsT bE vErY fuLL iF aLL tHe cHiLdReN leAve yuo mInCe pIeS oR cOOkIes.

BuT aS I GrOw Up I kNoW ThAt I ALwAys hAvE to bE GooD, aNd aT ChRiSSMaS aNd tHat iT iS GooD tO GiVe PReSenTs InSteD oF GeTTiNG ThEm. I LiKe wRiTiNg, aNd I ALwAys tRy tO wRiTE bEttEr iN mY bLoG, sO tHis yEaR I aM wRiTiNg a diFFeReNt LeTTeR...

 I tHiNk iT wOuLd be a GooD iDeA iF mE aNd aLL mY fRiEnDs (I hAvE aBouT sIx bILLion in tHiS wOrLd) aSkEd yuo:

WhAt dO yuo wAnT foR ChRiSSMaS, SaNtA?

I dOnT hAvE anY ReInDeeR bUt I cAn cOmE on A SkIdOO in tHe sNow in lAplAnd tO bRiNg yuoR pReSeNtS BeCos tHaT wOuLd bE ReeLy CooL and yuo dEsErVe tHeM aNd we aLL hAvE tO tRy tO bE GooD aS yuo.

lOtS oF lOvE,


aGeD 6 aNd a bIt mOrE

p.S. I nEaRlY fOrGoT to aSk wHaT RuDoLf and tHe oTher rEinDeeRs wAnT BeCos tHey aRe ALwAys GooD tOO


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