Get lovely, get funked up

Waking up without an alarm is always the best start, I think you will all agree with that. The slow realisation of the day. Sunday. The first sounds, the tweet of a bird and a low hum which I try to make out what it is. Somehow the white bedroom walls take over and my eyes take over the focus. Then my mind kicks in and shines a light on me with its satisfaction of nearly nine hours sleep, shining enough to give competition to the sun rising stronger and seeping through the shutters. I look over at her sleepy smile and the murmured words 'just two more minutes' softly start the day. I lay on my back and contemplate getting up.

Breakfast. That is the catalyst to take me forth, down the corridor and to the kitchen. The smell of coffee as I fill the Italian moka. My eyes are now brave enough to face the mid-morning sun beaming through the patio doors. I slide them open and welcome in the day, the hard blue sky greets me. The moka starts to bubble at the boil, the aroma drifts out the kitchen and through the lounge to lure me in. She sleepily saunters in and we set the table. My stomach grumbles to me but it is silenced by coffee first. It will have to be just a little patient, it won't be long at all until it is serviced. My breathing is long and slow, the aroma from the espresso slipstreaming in to the flow.

There is that moment to be enjoyed in company, where nothing is said but minds speak to each other and join in unison, The Silence is golden (For the sake of saying it) and the unidentified hum and the tweets fall in to the background.

And then come the cereal with blueberries, the eggs and the hot croissant and honey, crema di pistacchio on fresh bread. The day is building, we mumble a few words and talk about the night before. And then that is just the right time to put on music, something to ease us further in to the day. Bon Iver and their Jagjaguwar Session on piano is just the piece to accompany this harmonious, sunny start. The piano riffs quicken and the heat of the sun soothes in to the skin.

Hey, what if I put on Bill Withers and his 'Lovely Day'? That would be just too movie-like and cheesy for a fine day like this, wouldn't it?

Sorry, too late. Cheesy it is. I am Wensleydale and Parmeggiano and Manchego and Edam and Pecorino all rolled in to one. That bassline has kicked in along with the espresso and I shuffle with my piece of bread and Crema di Pistacchio in hand.

Ok, hang on, don't worry, Curtis Mayfield and his 'Move on up' is on now on. The extended version. My Sunday has just seriously got funked up. Filling the dishwasher with the breakfast dishes just became kinda groovy. 'Papa was a rolling stone' is next on the playlist. Complete twang. I foresee some Jamiroquai later on.


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