Trouble is on the horizon, or maybe it's right in our faces. It depends on your point of view. Or maybe it depends on what you see, or better said, choose to see. Life wrote a letter to Santa Claus for everyone and told him to put an ordeal in your first ever Christmas stocking, you needed to check right down to the very toe.

Society rules. Can you ride its wave or will you be swallowed in the rising swell and break of surf?

Study, revise, study, revise, and when you have done it, do it again, you have to know it. Your future is in the balance.

Get up and get there on time, get it done, commit, produce and deliver. Deadlines, deadlines, then get back in time for dinner. You wanna have some fun with me? Well you gotta get it up boy. You gotta make the right moves.

Train, hard. Train more, beat your best, beat the rest. Perform or fail. The fastest and the fittest, the biggest and the strongest, the most skillful, will always have someone breathing over their shoulder ready to take the glory. Tick-tock goes the clock, ready to get knocked off the block.

Harder, better, faster, stronger. That's just what we have to be. Everywhere, in everything. The taste will linger in the air, even if faint at times. That isn't so easy to control.

Do this at twenty, then that at twenty-five. Then you need to have done all of this and that by thirty. What the hell have you accomplished by forty, huh? Let group pressure change your perception of your reality or don't. Fit in or resist and then pay the emotional price of your convictions.

So what do we do?

Hmm, blank faces and  motoring minds.


Have faith.

Though we need resources, yet we can't keep just taking them, we need to replenish. It is not just about finding more of them, it's about the gaping hole we leave behind. Why create more pressure when there is already enough to go around?

Can the world keep taking it? Hotter,  melting, crumbling under pressure. Can we recover? We won't be born again, put it that way. Find that bloody paddle before we drift too far down shit creek, the balance is on an edge, or maybe it has has slipped off. We have to bob and weave and get off the ropes before we all take the big upper cut and heavy fall.

Love. We also need love. For that is an endless resource we are born with and need to nurture, for your other half, your family and your friends. Even just for the average guy and gal on the street. It is clean and pure.

And focus. Always focus.

And even more faith.

Can we ease the pressure? Of course, at least a little. Listen to the whistle of the kettle, take it off the hob, we can't have it ringing in our ears, but we still need to have the sign of when the water boils. We can reduce, reuse, recycle. Surely to do this is the pressure we really need in our lives. That and pressure to the bleeding wound; because wounds are going to happen, but they are also going to heal. A little bit of pressure, a touch of tension, is fine, it makes the world go round. No pain, no gain.

One thing is for sure, pressure is here to stay, it can't be removed - that is the impossible dream. The world itself has known that for millions of years, We just need to get with the program, and then we need to harness it, ride it and have faith. Yes, above all faith.


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