Blue steps

Blue. So blue. It's all blue.

But it isn´t, it´s not all the same.

What is up beyond those stairs? What is through that doorway at the top of them? If you don't go you'll never know. Sit there and admire the beauty of it all, but if you don´t take that step you´ll always be in the same pace.

Maybe the cat knows, curiosity drives her on to find out. Hell, she knows for sure, she was born to explore, but doesn´t human nature have some cat DNA deep inbed? Maybe that was a question for Christopher Colombus or Marco Polo. You have walked through all the other main veins of the blue medina, now turn corners and go down alleyways, have faith, get up and go up the steps through that doorway, follow the cat as your companion as she passes you without hesitation leading the way, yet with purring invite for you to join.

Go and see with wide eyes, be absorbed, breathe it in and get high blue boy. With each step learn to draw, carving out the lines with your pencil, the right-angle of every stone, the curve of every cobbled pathway. Then when you´re ready reach for the blue paintbrush. Or green if you please like I did in Bali (Colour my life (in green)), after all the steps could instead be a simple, rolling landscape. Blend and embrace, delight in the play, more is to come in time as the sun moves from the breaking dawn behind the hill line from east to west, angling in providing highlights. Get a ray on yourself, let it warm you.

Stay focused on the blue, don´t be distracted by the colours on the way up the steps, they will wilt and fade. Once they die it is up to you to reinstate them, it is up to us to give the hue and shade, but first we need the base, we need the solid primaries. Here the solid is the blue. Don´t decorate your house with explosions of undirected splash. Get the foundations first, then add a colourful touch here and there. Lay down the bassline, then comes the riff. Less is more.

Then you realise that strolling along these nooks and crannies you have the sky on the very earth you walk along. Take out your palette, the possibilities are endless. Stay long enough in the Medina to see that there is so much more mingled in to the blue. Stay up long enough in to the night and dream as the stars shine down on you in the much deeper, darkest blue above you. Once you wander up to the mosque on the hill, sit, span out and see the sky touching the hilly green and the brown and the white, you realise you have the balance. It is up to you to fill in the rest. Move forward.

Now go back to the blue steps and water and nurture the flowers.


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