Enjoy the way

Sometimes I repeat myself here, I know that. But hey, I'm just writing what comes in to my head each week, about the journey I'm on. So it's no surprise to read here about how I get inspired by music.

C'mon, is there one person in this world that doesn't? Everyone of us in this world likes music in one form or another, I can be pretty damn presumptuous in saying that I think. Just like everyone in this world is on a journey.

Since being in Spain, that flamenco feeling has started rubbing off on me; the frentic strum of an acoustic guitar, the accompanying clap of hands and the clack of heels on marble or worn-in wood floors. Most mornings when I get up I end up humming or singing the first song I here on the radio or see on MTV, even if I don't like it, for most of the morning. Some songs go on for longer. One song with a Flamenco rhythm has stayed with me all this week, especially the words:

Con la mano levanta,
al pasado le digo adios
y el futuro que vendrá?
Dicen que pende de un hilo
Y el presente aqui? Contigo,
mano a mano, oye mi hermano
disfrutar camino
Con la mano levanta, tocaré...voy tocando il cielo

Basically translated:
I say bye to the past
And the future that will come?
They say it's hanging on a thread
And my future here? With you
hand in hand, listen my brother
enjoy the way
With a hand raised up, I will touch...I will go touching the sky

- Macaco & Estopa;

Enjoy the way. Yes. We have to live the present and enjoy our journey. It's in our hands.


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