Tuned in to the Discovery Channel

Just like Bologna airport has been for so many years, Malaga airport is now becoming a friendly face. Upon walking through the terminal doors, the light and airy interior smiles at me and welcomes me. It breathes familiarity, it can bring relief. Everything you need from a friendly face.

In a away it is this relief that takes hold now. Relief of a holiday. Relief that the las tough chew of a working week is over and that I am now on my way. So here I am, Penny For Your Thoughts Productions brings to you Motorways of my Mind live from Costa Rica. A journey within a journey.

But even after a total of 14 hours in the air, 2 stops, 1.5 hours stuck in a passport control queue at JFK airport (which I had to ask to jump as not to miss my connection) and only dregs of sleep in the last 36 hours, yes, I am dog tired, but I am wired. My journey has just begun after a hard slog of a year.

A day to take in San José then I am off again overland, away from the concrete jungle in to some real green ones. There is so much green to be seen. And this is where the familiarity ends. Despite needing to see that friendly face of Malaga airport, I am now going to see new ones, in so many shapes and forms, in so many ways, I just already know it, it is my sturdy hunch, we can't stay too familiar now can we, we need to step out of our comfort zone and discover.

We are born to discover. I am tuned in to my own Discovery Channel. And I have every intention of honouring what we were born to do. And I hope to find a bright green tree-frog with buoyant red eyes and bring back photographic evidence.


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