Reflection, action, balance

Even though it has only been the second Christmas I have done away from where I grew up, there are some traditions that I religiously hang on to, like I said in my last post, of the ritual waking up and seeing if Father Christmas has been. Eating Turkey and no other meat for Christmas lunch is another, along with eating Quality street chocolates that I never eat all year round. At least eating clementines is something that I do anyway all year round, even though the best ones hit the grocery shelves as autumn comes around.

There is another tradition in England at three o’clock every Christmas day as the turkey lunch begins to digest in bodies slumped on the sofa. Watching the Queen’s speech. Maybe now it is something done less and less in British homes, and it certainly hasn’t been firmly penned in our Christmas day agenda for a few years, even though the after-speech Christmas movie at 3:20pm usually keeps its place. However this year we watched it. Maybe it was down to streaming BBC and ITV in internet wired up to the big TV in Denmark, maybe it is the fact that my family is abroad, and not just myself like for so many years. But this year we all sat down on the sofas, contemplated when our bellies would allow us to break in to the quality street box and watched her Majesty address us.

Still going strong in her old age, her mind seems to be as young as the day she was crowned over sixty years ago. She is following her mum’s example. And I was glad this year to sit down and listen to her for the first time in a few years. Along with her famous ‘annus horribilis’ message, this will be one I will remember.

She spoke about reflection and action, and importantly the balance between the two. As she celebrated her coronation she told how she looked back and reflected on the years. Her year seemed to mimic mine. I have reflected quite often over my last year, of the things I have done and the things that I want (to do). I realise that finding the balance is not the easiest thing, but I will always try. We need to find our way through action and reflection. Whether a motorway to cruise down or a dirt road to bump along, we always need to find the way. The destination may well be worth it in the end but it is the not the be all and end all, we need to find the right ride and enjoy it, because it can be a long one and too much just to ignore or forget. It will always be a roller coaster ride whatever so we need to hold on to the thrill that is life.

So it's my turn to mimic her Majesty if I am permitted. I say reflect on that life and take action on it. I need to find the balance as much as any of you, but maybe we will see each other on the same road, laughing and smiling all the way. In the past I have pulled a ‘moony’ to cars full of friends alongside mine, I may have grown out of that game but I will laugh all the same.



Maybe her Majesty could have been a ghost writer for this piece or guest writer on here for me. Thanks for the inspiration Betty :-)

Happy New Year to you all.

Andrew (not Betty).


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