Give and take

We all want something in this world. Without exception. We all need something. Without exception. Needs and wants in everything we do. Cutting it black and white and finding the difference is the key. I could now start writing an academic piece here and now and draw you a diagram of Maslow's pyramid but I had enough of that at university, explaining myself and justifying the stuff I wrote. I love to write, but about my kinda stuff.

So what do we need?

Water. Water is the essence of life. Words flow with water

Food. Shelter.

Shit, Maslow is getting a hold on me... So move quickly on to wants, I know basically what I want in life but there is something I can't quite distinguish between a need and a want. Maslow has left the building.

I know I want to be inspired, do you know that you want it to? Do really know? I want to keep exercising my pen and my writing muscles. Inspires to play and to keep playing. Playing sport, playing with toys, playing with nephews and nieces, playing the jester. But right now I know I need to be inspired.

I have just been operated on my knee and I am hobbling around on crutches. After years of battering a hockey pitch I have for the first time in my life come under the surgeon's knife, and now looking at several months of rehabilitaion ahead of me. It was difficult accpeting missing playing the league this year and playing in another European campaign. But the most difficult part is keeping still. That even started before the op when I had to remain perfectly still for the MRI scan to see what was wrong. I mean, c'mon, sitting in the cinema without moving is already asking too much. I can't do anything. Especially physically. I need sport. I have another couple of weeks without walking or putting any weight on my right leg. I have watched good muscle tone start to wither. I need it back, so yes, I need inspiration.

I don't know about you, but I need inspiration to motivate me. I need to be motivated to give me determination and discipline. And right now I need inspiration to give me a right goo kick up the arse, to pick me up and realise that this is nothing compared to what some other people have. Nothing, not even a grain of rice in a bowl full, and certainly nothing compared to the guy in this video. He is a true inspiration, a demonstration of true grit and hard work. In your face. Bosh.

Yesterday I was at Twickenham watching England v France in the final 6 Nations championship match and today I was at Anfield for Liverpool v Manchester United. In both matches I wanted to jump up and run on the pitch. I felt inspired by the sheer atmosphere around me in both stadiums.

Surround yourself.

Seek and you shall find. I only had to look at my bookshelf and pull out Jonny Wilkinson's autobiography and how he overcame all his injuries on the way to greatness. I need to read to be inpsired. Jonny was inspired by Steve 'Blackie' Black - his conditioning coach but a mentor and motivator - throughout his career. Go Jonny go, go, go. Jonny looked for him and the best was brought out of him. We all need the best to be brought out of ourselves. Jonny now seeks to inspire up and coming younsters. Take but give. After watching it again I think the video just took over some of my writing space. Enough said.

Thanks Arthur.


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