Voices with my mind

In a previous job for a fashion company in Italy, there were periods when it felt like living out of a suitcase, of being constantly on the road, or in a plane. Travelling, basically. Infact for great parts of my life so far I feel as if I am constantly on the road, always on the move. I just gotta keep on moving. This is possibly a major reason for writing this blog. Read Wendell's words above. Also read my comments page in here and I will tell you that 'people make this world - like they do so many of my posts, and people see things in so many different ways'. My very first post finished with me saying  to come and cruise with me (motorways of my mind).

So on days when I am searching for words, I like to listen. As I travel down this literary speel highway, at times a dirt road, I like to stop and take things in, and speak and listen to people. As a kid I loved to sit in front of the TV, watch and listen to Jackanory and all the stories on Children's BBC. So I have always thought it would be nice to have other people's words as well as mine on here in MOMM. 'If you build it, he will come' a voice told Kevin Costner in the Field of Dreams. Well there is no field of corn here, only a sprawling compost that goes on in my head, but if someone actually did come to play, well, it would be pretty cool. So watch this space because to start off I have a guy who can play. He can play a guitar and a fat bass line, and write pretty well too. I made this blog and he will come at least. Mine is not the only way here. There will be other voices with my mind. I like to see every road there is to travel down.

For now I will leave you with words of another, the Italian Radio DJ/TV presenter/writer/actor, Fabio Volo. A normal kind of guy but whose words I like to read and can relate to:

'I have learned that for everything you need the right time, that you need to know how to wait; to wait for the bread to cook and rise in the oven. That to change or tamper with these times means to change or tamper with the quality and that in the end, everything has to go in to the oven. The oven is the conscience. And when the bread has come out of the oven, you understand if you have done things right or not.'

Or Yorkshire puddings.

Always on the road. Adventure awaits.


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