Next chapter

I'm on the move again. It has been a while coming, I have been patiently waiting through the months this year; like a surfer I could have jumped on the first wave that came along but I chose to sit on my board in calm waters waiting for the right wave, the one which I was more than ready for. After nearly 8 years it is time to turn the page and start a new chapter.

Just like when I moved to Italy, I have a road trip ahead of me, an 11-hour car journey nearly the length of Spain from Gibraltar to Barcelona, my new place to lay my hat. A place where I have visited as a tourist on various occasions, I will now learn to see from a resident's point of view.

And so I need music. My Motorways of my Mind soundtrack starts to accompany me just like when I came to Spain in 2010 (The Motorways of my Mind soundtrack), readying for a motorway journey in a real sense. It will be different compared to other road trips I have done in the past - in a car with 3 friends stopping off here and there for those trips the length and breadth of England. They were so much fun, it didn't matter where we were going, it was just 4 guys having the time of their life.

Now times are different, I am older and wiser and get the gist of a few things more in life, yet I am the same, I have not changed who I am. The engine has been tuned and parts updated when necessary, but the model is the same. I could quite easily get in the car again with my mates and it would be the same, we just have more and different things to talk about now. And the music is the same, with one of my mates who always rides shotgun and plays DJ. I am happy to take the back seat and just take it all in and enjoy the ride. Whether it is with them or my girlfriend - who unfortunately has to drive up a few days after me - or by myself, I am ready to go, my handbrake is well and truly off. Let's hit the road Jack.

And how I need those tunes travelling solo. Penny For Your Thoughts Productions is really producing, I need an accompanying bassline, I need to chase the melody. And just as I wrote in my post 8 years (link above) when I came to Spain, I have to slip in Kasabian's Underdog in there because I just love that guitar riff. This time it is more a prominent part of me, the riff grinds louder, the words more pronounced journeying forward to big challenges ahead and bigger things at stake, as the underdog I have always felt myself and that has helped me to thrive to do and be better:

Kill me if you dare,
Hold my head up everywhere,
Keep myself right on this train.
I'm the underdog,
Live my life on a lullaby
Keep myself riding on this train

Vamos, joder.


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