Between the lines

On Wednesday night this week during a training session I was comparing with a team mate my new hockey stick to the old version I was using before. We were comparing the curve in the shaft - how the line had changed. I asked myself if the new stick with it's new line would have any effect in my game. It got me thinking how lines effect our lives.

So think about it just for a moment. Lines effect our lives. Lines are life. They are an outline to everything, to our very being.

Everywhere we look there are lines. How we make the most of our life is how we put together these lines and how we fill them. If life was a children's book you could call it colour-by-numbers; you are given the lines and it's up to you how to fill them in. We paint a picture everyday. We are constantly filling in those lines. But who is there to say what goes where, which colour goes between which lines. That's why life is a crayola crayon.

Take any child and put a crayon in his hands. He or she starts with the lines here, there and everywhere. As we grow older we learn how to draw straight lines, and how to stay in the lines. We use different colours. Lines are being constantly formed throughout our lifespan, and I'm not just talking about wrinkles. Our confinements grow in different ways. We can even learn to draw our own lines, though we can never know how long our life line will be, no stationary shop has invented a ruler for that yet.

That life line is the trickiest line of all, the one that is full of curves and bends and kinks and knots. Our line of fate. Look at your line, what do you see? For that matter, look at any line or lines and what do you see? In moments, images photos, pictures, forms of every day life I see so many things, things maybe you cannot see. But almost surely you will see other things maybe I don't see. Use your colour-by-numbers, that is to say, your imagination.

Make the lines yourself, I'm doing it right now as I write and fill in this blank page. I choose the font, I choose the colour. Lines make paragraphs and paragraphs make lines. Am I confusing you? Well look again at this page; this is the sixth paragraph, which if you hold the page far enough away you can see six lines. Thick lines yes, but still lines.

Before I started this paragraph, I paused. Actually, to tell you the truth I was stuck for words just for a moment, until I looked at the keypad on my laptop. Full of lines, all symmetrical and cubed. They just helped me fill in this space. The lines were always there, I just had to fill them in. Maybe our life is outlined for us. We just have to know how to fill it in and make the most of it.


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