Me man, make fire with spark

I just had one of those days at work this week. Bad day, slow day, no client wants to talk to you day; not a sales day. You know the ones, where you try to big yourself up and say "tomorrow is another day".

And then an email from my colleague with just a photo changed the mood. It brought a laugh to us all in our part of the office.

That was it, it was the spark. We were all then in google images sending each other stupid and funny replies to the previous photo or image. And then my Swedish and Finnish colleague who sit together were involved in their own private conversation about something that seemed quite detailed and significant. It must have been sauna talk, like they were thinking of branching out and selling saunas in Spain. Well, that's what we made up between us. Of course it deserved some extra research from us...that is, more fun photos from the image bank. Of which they hit back of course, Vicky the Viking, horned helmets, saunas and reindeers and all that stuff. I left before the others, and the next day when I opened up my email first thing in the morning, there were another two photos from the previous day's 'interaction' to get my day off to a nice start. Tomorrow really is another day.

When I write here I can spend just as long looking for the right photo to accompany each post as I do on the words I write. Something true to my mood, something significant and even thought provoking. Or just something that is just damn nice to look or stare at. I can go for a few days without publishing a post (like this one) until I find the right one.

Because that's what my colleague did the other day. He inspired the day and as a consequence inspired me to write this post. I can get inspiration to write from the most stupid, weird, mundane or unlikely situations. Thanks for that, Ruben. It was the spark that was needed. Because deep down, we all know how to make fire, all we need is a spark. Maybe the Beatles should have sang about that instead of love.

Life is about making the most out of everything, right? It is about thousands of moments like these and living them as they come along. Let's enjoy as many of them as we can.


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