I saw the TV advert for the new Grand Theft Auto video game the other day. I'm not in to video games so much, I never was a Tomb Raider (well, maybe slightly, when I saw her come to life in the shape of Angelina Jolie), but my brother has got the San Andreas version and I have played on that. Because maybe there are moments you need to do something almost mindless.

I needed to steal cars, drive wrecklessly and more importantly, beat the living daylights out of passers by to steal their cars and shoot cops who try to kill you leaving them in a pool of blood. And instead of helping an old dear across the road, I could beat her up and steal her car keys or bag if I wanted. Feel free to comment on that one...

Playing them is one thing, I know it would never even enter my head to go and hit the streets like that in real life - at the joypad is where it stops, not just for me but for most citizens with half a brain. But the adverts are something else. How the hell do you get to advertise games like this on prime time television when just earlier there was the news with another teenage stabbing in the street?

But moreso, then when the colourful, animated advert comes on the TV for Kelloggs Coco Pops, they can't say anymore "They turn the milk brown!" Oh noooo, now they have to say "they turn the milk chocolatey!" to avoid any racism matters.

WTF?? Brown is a colour for Pete's sake! How can that be classed as racist? How can that disrupt society? Well if it does, doesn't total urban chaos of stealing cars and beating up people to pulp too? Well it looks like not enough, at least not to stop advertising. Because it is just a game? Well surely brown is just a colour.

Now that's off my chest I'll go back to my book in my spare time and Bran Flakes for breakfast... ;-)


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