Nomadic words

This blog is my journey and every journey has a destination, right? You have to have some direction, right? Or do you just wander?

I don't think I wander. As much as I am even capable of day dreaming and letting my imagination wander, I can put together the masterplan in the cabinet room of my mind, there is a clear direction in my life, even if a lot of people would disagree. I don't have to justify myself to anyone - that I know, but I am not a endless drifter. And I hope here at least that reflects in the words I write and the direction of page that they take. I hope they don't drift along and seem to swirl. I do know they sound nomadic at times, going around as if I am journeying and telling you readers about it, and in the back of your minds you have the question: Yeah, ok, but where is he going?

So I ask back at you: Do I need a destination? I write about what I know, I write each week what is happening in my confinements, what is going through my head. Two weeks ago, there was nothing but a desert tumbleweed blowing through my mind until I stepped on some Autumn leaves. I am conscious of how much my life is effecting my writing at the moment, still I know where I am going. So, where are you going, Andrew? You ask me. I don't know. Am I confusing you now?

Well, have you ever watched a film where a guy jumps in a taxi cab and the driver asks him "Where to?" The guy's reply is "I don't know, just drive."

So you think he has no destination? Maybe. But it does not mean he has no direction. He is sat in that taxi cab driving around the city, but with a purpose. Maybe he needs to think, maybe he needs the ride to contemplate or calm down, or to get his shit together, his preparation time. Perhaps he wants to drive around looking for some inspiration from what he sees out the window. Perhaps he is watching life go by behind a window pane and needs the ride to realise that. Either way he has purpose. There is a reason to why he got in that cab.

So may I remind you of the journey. Don't worry about the destination so much, you'll get there in the end, wherever that is. Sometimes we are so concentrated on the destination that we forget about the 'getting there' part, which actually takes up more time and is therefore considerably a big part of what we do. The journey can be a cruise and it can have its breakdowns and diversions but it is where we can find out about so many things in life: things that a destination simply cannot do. Ask a gypsy or a nomad what they learn from a destination; they probably won't be able to tell you, but they will be able talk for hours about their journeys.

So it brings me to think about the nomadic element I think is in me. I am not sure if I am programmed to stay in one place. I think maybe there is only so much you can learn in one place. All this as I think about which way to go next.


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