A summer fling

So it's all over. It was nice while it lasted, actually, it was amazing while it lasted. One whole month together and I loved every day of it. Everyday we were brought together, morning, afternoon and night...and late in to the night at that. It was as you would expect, a full-on rollercoaster ride of passion, nothing could stand in the way for us. Everything else was secondary, our time together everything, not a minute lost.

Even before, there was the anticipation, the brief encontros, the flirting, like foreplay before the foreplay; waiting, enjoying the chase, knowing the right moment was going to come.

And now I am left with a sense of emptiness. My days and most importantly those long nights are left hanging in the balance. I am at a loose end. The thing is you knew it wasn't going to last, you knew it was just a summer fling, but still, the heavy, sad feeling pits in your stomach. Just like the days before we all had mobile phones I ask myself: how did we cope before? We all lived a perfectly normal, happy and functional life without them and now we can't bare to not have a mobile phone in arm's reach. What do we do now after the final embrace?

We start to look around elsewhere, but still we need time, enough to let the feeling settle and things go back to normal, back to how they were. But once you've had a taste of something so sweet, you can never forget, it will remain on the tip of your tongue. Close your eyes and concentrate on only that, let everything else slide away just like you did over that month, and you will feel it arise in you again, feel how that passion surged through your veins and how you just had to have it every day.

So as the sound of the vuvuzelas linger like her sweet summer perfume, and the newspaper websites are still full of post tournament analysis and photos of the blaze of colours of the fans like the colour print of her summer dress, we now have to wait once again for another 4 years, we have to savour the memory until then. The TV is boring now that there are no matches or even highlights after a month of the World Cup finals. Slowly we start to notice the other talent around us; the cricket, the grand slam tennis, Formula One. Yet still, over the next few days there is the odd text, maybe even a phone call to see how she's doing, maybe seeing her around town; like we see now the Spanish team parading in Madrid with the cup aloft, with the King and the Prime Minister, and most importantly, with the people. The captain, Iker Casillas' live kiss on air to his journalist girlfriend during a post final interview when his emotions took over; those summer kisses linger on for now at least.

When you are single there are moments when you don't get any and you can live quite tranquilly regardless. But then when you do, once is never enough, you become like a dog in season, and every day you need it. Guys and girls alike.

Mostly guys though.


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