Makka Pakka v Mr.Blobby

Usually at this time on a Sunday, I try to exercise my writing muscle and do my stint in my writing gym; my mind usually gets a good work out after a whole week's events. Well, that's the idea of having this here blog thingy.

Instead today after having a pretty ordinary and nothing-especially-has-come-in-to-my-mind-week, and seemingly my mind having slipped off the motorway in to a where-exactly-is-this-going-country-road kind of Sunday, I have constructively spent the last few hours wondering if I have anything I want to write about or share with you on this page, but also wondering who would win in a fight: Makka Pakka from In the Night Garden (blame my nephew for that one) or Mr.Blobby (er, not sure who to blame for that one). Both are odd shapes, can't run and would both look pretty crap in a fight. Please feel free to give your opinions. We could even give them a couple of Tequilas beforehand to make it even more entertaining...and maybe a pub conversation giving opinions after a few tequilas too would be entertaining... Which now brings to mind that good old show from my childhood, It's a Knockout with Stuart Hall (That'll be the running-around-in-big-silly-costumes-and-falling-over train of thought then). Hahaha....the Belgians :-D


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